Daily Horoscope for Gemini

(MAY 21 - JUNE 20)
Horoscope Cast for: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

by daniel "bud" dowd

Today's Horoscope Summary...

We have a couple T-Squares going right now, which can put pressure on us in the things we're presently doing. The Sun-Node-Neptune one will fade in the next day or two, but there might still be some lingering sleep issues, as well as concerns about your overall direction in life. Often this manifests as disappointment in the paths you're not taking. However, don't take that to mean you should abandon the road you're currently on. The Neptune influence there makes it so that you tend to overthink about things in overly positive or overly negative ways, when the truth is closer to the middle. So don't give into what you feel in the present - look at the whole timeline of how things have been proceeding before you make any judgments.

The other T-Square is more potent, involving Mercury, Mars, and the Saturn-Pluto-Jupiter stellium, and that's going to last for a little bit of time. You want to be careful about saying things before you think them through and trying to press for things to happen too quickly. A configuration like this often creates this unease within us, but the really bad outcomes tend to be when we let that unease drive our decision making. In some instances, it's "get out of this situation through any means possible", rather than gritting through something unfavorable and either minimizing the damage, or finding ways to turn negatives into positives. The more patient people here will tend to do better, especially considering there's going to be more options on the table than we'd think. Focus on different ways to solve problems where you can - while the energy might seem difficult to deal with at times, often the most brilliant solutions can come around here as well. You might just strike gold if you give yourself the opportunity to. Best of luck.


The Daily Horoscope for Gemini...

While you might think some of the things you say are witty and humorous, others might be in a much more serious mood today, so you have to read the room well to see where those types of comments will be well-received. You'll have your issues projecting how things are going to turn out in the future, so you might have to be more reliant on others regarding future plans. That also makes making deals here a bit tenuous, so don't rush into anything. You'll want to get promises in writing where possible, and push for some form of guarantees whenever shared money or possessions are involved.

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Your Daily Tao

True words are not beautiful
Beautiful words are not true
Those who are good do not debate
Those who debate are not good
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Those who are broad of knowledge do not know

Sages do not accumulate
The more they assist others, the more they possess
The more they give to others, the more they gain

The Tao of heaven
Benefits and does not harm
The Tao of sages
Assists and does not contend